How to choose music making software

Digital audio Workstation (DAW) is a music making software. It contains many programs which can be useful for everyone who is interested in making music. Let’s try to choose music making software for you.

aerial view of laptop and sound mixerThere are many DAW programs. We can divide them into several groups. However all of them have useful plugins and addons to add more functionality so theoretically they seem to do the same. But depending on your priorities, you can choose most likely from three main tasks:

1. Recording and sampling
2. Producing and mastering
3. Mixing tracks/records

Assuming you have computer with Windows or mac OS, your choice can be made before you knew. Also when you buy a soundcard, you often get a copy of DAW software. Mostly it is LITE version which means that it is lighter than full version. Remember that buying a full license is pretty much like paying your electricity bill or buying clothes.

There are also several free DAW projects. They seem to be interesting. Especially Audacity. But you cannot tell many more about them than they are free. If you really want to save your nerves and time, choose others:

1. Recording and sampling music making software
Ableton, Garage Band, Steinberg Cubase
2. Producing and mastering music making software
Pro Tools, Reason, Logic PRO,
3. Mixing tracks/records music making software
Fl Studio, Ableton, Virtual DJ

This list describes my own point of view. You can choose between them, or find another one. All of them have Windows and Mac versions (excluding Logic PRO which is Mac-only). Also you can write a comment and tell me if I am right or wrong and why do you think so.

In my opinion, for the beginners the best option is to choose FL Studio. This one is the simplest of them all, it has very elastic Piano Rolls tool and after learning how to use FL Studio, the other DAW will be easier to learn. It is also really simple to insert some loops and samples int oyur new project and work with them. It has always been form me a bit like playing a computer game.

Other options are: Pro Tools for Windows (also really easy to learn) and Logic Pro for Mac OS (this program is one of the causes of large Apple computers popularity among musicians)

That will be a starting point for you. It is time for you to begin your Internet research. Download several free trials and try youtube tutorials. A far as I have been looking for, I found most of them for FL Studio. That is why I recommended this software. If you want to keep focused on your music, not on your computer, choose software with good support community. In the beginning the community will help you to solve your problems and later you will share with them fruits of your work and wait for their reviews. It will be also nice if you give someone some feedback as well.

This is all for today. In the next article I will start a dictionary series, divided into several categories. This will be useful because all the names and new terms are confusing in the beginning.

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